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CE6000-ASF digital die cutting system (B-Stock) Sale!

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Graphtec CE6000-ASF digital die cutting system with 12 months of guarantee and approx. 10 hours of usage. No optical or technical issues
Only for take up in Düsseldorf!
This system contains three components: Feeder, Graphtec cutting plotter and collection tray. It cobines precise Graphtec hardware and a high quality feeder for single sheet media. This feeder is the first to allow the user to automatically feed sheet media into the cutting plotter.
The arm of the CE6000-ASF with an integrated vacuum pump lifts up the media from the feeder and delivers it to the plotter securely. Depending on the medias consistence it is possible to load up to 120 sheets to the feeder. Further sheets can be added to the feeder without interrupting the systems work.
CE6000-ASF Features
max. mediasize: 35 x 50 cm
Paperweight: 100 to 350 g
max. cutting force: 2,94N (300g) in 31 steps
processing speed: approx. 30 to 40 sec/sheet
max. cutting speed: 600 mm/s in all directions
feeder: vacuum suction
digital servo motor
connectivity: USB 2.0
included software: i-Mark digital cutting (english)
included accessory
Bladeholder for 0,9mm blades
0,9mm 45° blade
calibration sheet

Cords for connection to power and PC

Templates for A4, A3 and SA3

Software "i-Mark digital cutting"

The digital die cutter CE6000-ASF is sold through local dealers. Please contact us to find your local dealer - Phone: 06033-74 888 0