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Graphtec Pro Studio Plus for Windwos (1 License)

Main Features of Graphtec Pro Studio:

  • create your own cutting designs by using automatic forms and lines
  • multiple tools to make changes to motives like turning, mirroring etc.
  • allign your cutline to motives (e.g. text as circle)
  • import pictures and convert them to paths
  • control several plotters at the same time
  • process the media from the back site to protect the printed image
  • function to vectorize imported bitmap files and reduce noise
  • save your data on a usb stick and work directly at the plotter *
  • add barcodes to your printed data to improve your data management and prevent using wrong data*

*only with FCX2000 and FCX4000

Additional functions of Graphtec Pro Studio Plus:

  • nesting function (Nesting / Power Nesting / Intelligent Nesting)
  • templates for rhinestone creation
  • create Bar codes and QR codes